Before You Leave

How much do your children or grandchildren know about your life before them?  Do they know what you were like as a child?  What your favorite pastimes were?  If you had a beloved pet?  What your first job was?  Who your friends were?  What things were like "way back then"?

At one time these stories were shared regularly around the dinner table or on special occasions.  Now, that practice is becoming another endangered species in this busy, tech-driven world we live in.

When we share the stories of our lives they have a direct impact on our immediate family and even generations that will follow, not to mention the impact they have on us.  Knowing their culture and family roots gives our children and grandchildren a strong sense of who they are and how they fit into the world.  It helps them to feel more grounded and connected with something bigger than them.

If you've ever said "I really should write some of this stuff down" then what better time than right now?  Before you leave.

Proud Grandparents


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